I was asked by a friend of mine to write a eulogy for Dr.J.Jayalalitha, the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, on behalf of her school. As I began to write about her, all i remember was how much i have adored her as an individual and more as a Women. The so called bad side of her political career just vanished from my memory. Thats when it struck me. It is called EPIPHANY! A sudden revelation of something which is a known fact.

I am not a big fan of J’s political life moreover I never had an interest in politics until recently. Though the fact that she is not the best political leader, we the people of Tamilnadu had to chose some repersentative among the two devils and we chose to vote for the lesser of a devil she was. This was the undeniable fact and fate of our political parties. But there was a sudden turmoil in the name of J when she was admitted in Apollo for treatment few months back.

The days rolled into months with no updates of her recovery. And one fine day out of the blue there was an uproar among the media saying J was dead which is followed by the denial of the Apollo chairman and then acknowledging her death by 11.30p.m on 5th December 2016.  following her death there were numerous instances which caught the eyes of the common people which demanded answers.

Though being a citizen of India, I myself was not shocked by the fact that her death was a mystery as I felt that there might be a probability of her falling into such tragic situation. But just like the other commoner the thoughts were washed off and I continued with my life. Even though there was no change with my ideas about her, I had an emotional attachment to her and I empathized her as a single women who was raised by a single mother, who also died at an early age leaving her among the unknown crowd of people who were ready to use her whatever ways they can. With no one to shower love I could sense her loneliness and resentment in life which would have made her to have such a huge transition from an innocent little girl to an IronLady of Tamilnadu.

“Life is the sum of your choices” – as per the sayings of Albert Camus, J.Jayalalitha, an epitome of success, who was destined to be the Iron lady of Tamilnadu made a history today with her own choices. A shy and innocent little girl who was destined to be the face of Tamilnadu with a strong charisma which gave her millions of followers irrespective of their age. Beginning her career as an actress, she fought through many hardships to reach her stance as one of the few best politicians India has ever had. Throughout her political career she has made numerous schemes that benefited all class of people and her effective schemes to the students was considered the most valuable. Breaking the political norms, J. Jayalalitha was the one and only one Chief Minister of an Indian state who was re-elected for the fourth time, which shows her stance in the hearts of the people of Tamilnadu. Being a woman, her achievements are towering to the skies and she has been and will be one of the most loved and respected women of India whose footsteps are followed by millions of women followers. She was a true warrior in the political battle who will be ever known by the people of Tamilnadu as both fierce and a pious personality.

Let her soul rest in peace!!!


Hey there!

How have you guys been? I know. It has been a year again. And i have come up with the same story as last time. It might be boring for you guys to keep reading to my dumb excuses. So lets not get into those and go straight to the word of the day 😀


The reason why i chose this word is completely personal. You might understand the reason if you continue reading the post 😛

Have you guys seen someone who claps even after the entire group stops clapping? I am one such person. I love to clap loud and long. It might sound weird to hear such a ting, isn’t it? But I bet, it is so much fun when you try doing it. The reason I keep clapping until the end and even after the end is to make a noticeable thing, which means to basically show-off and make others notice that I am extremely happy and cheering the person from the bottom of my heart.

Right from my childhood, i am a person who has yearned for appreciation from my parents, relatives and friends. Which i have got in a very minimal amount and that gives me the thought of encouraging others so that they might not feel disappointed with what they have done. And also one selfish side of this act is, if you do something good to someone you will get something good in return too. 😉 Now you might understand the reason behind my Afterclaps 😛

Jokes apart, I found this word quiet interesting and surprising as i have never thought such a word can exist for this kind of an act. English is one of the best languages that allows you to make and use words for every single feelings and actions that are even hard to be though of. Knowing this word, I guess you can point out the people who does AFTERCLAPS 😀

Ciao guys.

Words for Life

Hello all!

Yeah. I know. I have disappeared for a long time. But then to be frank there is no particular reason for my disappearance. I just didn’t feel the urge to pen down anything at all. It was like I have gone numb regarding my passion towards writing.

Here I am, yet another time to make a hindering appearance with my page. I have come across a website where I found some interesting posts about English words that are most beautiful. It was quiet an interesting list since I have heard a few of those words already but doesn’t use it in any of my context or daily life. Also I came across few words that I haven’t though existed. After my encounter with those words, I felt that I have to write posts with the words that made quiet an interesting and surprising turns in my life.


Words can make or break your life. Its time to pen down the beautiful words that made me who I am right now. So people, do stay tuned with Miss.Deceiving Pandora Box for the life changing words. Ciao!

The Indian summer!

Summers in India are getting way hotter than ever with the humid temperature level rising up every second of the day. Interestingly, not in all the states and cities of India the weather condition prevails the same. There are few states that are lot cooler during summers that gets basked in the warmer sunlight unlike the scorching hot sun of other states. Last year though I was in one of the hottest cities of Tamilnadu, Chennai I haven’t felt the heat this hard. It is beyond the extreme this year even though I live in Coimbatore, which is known for its moderate climatic conditions. Surprisingly, the days are bound to be wrapped up with extreme hot temperature whereas the evenings and nights are cool and raining most of the days. I wonder how a summer could be like this with continuous rainfall giving me a feel as if I am living in the beginning of a rainy season.

Whatever be the situation, one thing I love about summer is COLORS. The word summer reminds me of the lively flowers and colorful sky during the sunrise and sunset. I love nature and I love clicking pictures of the nature. My love for sky, sunrise and sunset gets unbelievably increasing during summer. Here are few images I have clicked during my first part of summer this 2015:


Aftermath of Sunset


Sunset & Sky


During the process of Sunset!


Sunset under process!

















That’s all people 🙂 Hope you liked it 🙂

Questions to my loving father in heaven!


Here I am still waiting

To have a meeting scheduled

With my father in heaven!


How could you just leave me all alone?

How could you just not meet me even once?

How could you possibly think of a happier life without you?

How could you think I’ll survive in this world of dread?

Will you recognize me?

Will you greet me with joy?

Will you give me a warm hug?

Will you plant a delicate kiss on my forehead?

Is there a chance of doing the things we once missed?

Is there a time we could chat about our everyday life?

Is there moments where I could feel your protection?

Is there another chance for us to be alive together?

Above all,

Could I just spend my life being raised as your lovable daughter?

Is there a chance for me to be reborn as your daughter again?

Will you still be waiting for me to meet after all these years?

I wish I could get all these questions answered sooner

Because the anxiety to meet you is growing a lot higher

Even if it takes a death wish!



You are here at my personal blog “The Deceived Pandora Box”. Hope most of you out there would know the story of “The Pandora’s Box”. And based on that story I have chosen this name to be my blog name. But then you would wonder why does this deceiving is added for? It is just an imagination of my own story version. What would be the kind of world we would live in if the Pandora’s Box has been deceived? And thus landed up with this name for my very own life of Pandora box which is found to be deceived rarely leaving some new experiences.

Hope it is mind-numbing to read such an introduction 😛 To keep it simple, I am, Miss. Deceived Pandora’s Box, a 26 year old lady from one of the most loveliest cities in Tamil Nadu, South India. I have had few other blogs and due to various reasons I was not able to contribute to them which eventually led me to close them forever. And here I am, again, to start up my own personal blog space where I could muse about my thoughts, passion, day-to-day challenges and what not.

I was in search of a best companion all through my 26 years of living and I found none to be called as THE BEST because everyone I am close with finds my passion to be an unrealistic one, be it writing, crafting or photography. Being dejected to the bottom of the life, I ended up with blogging again. Here, I can never feel dejected for my passion and I would also meet up with the like minded people for an encouraging journey.

Happy blogging!